Cultural Outreach offers a group of highly skilled speakers and industry thought leaders to add value at your next event.
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Next Generation Marketing: Are you reaching the fastest growing segment of first time home buyers?

Millenials now represent one in three home purchases and have changed the game when it comes to technology, knowledge and customer service. Topics cover multigenerational marketing, reaching millennial consumers and Gen X.

Social Media: Are you leveraging social media to drive business?

We offer a variety of presentations to cover all of today’s big topics, best practices and how-tos with social media, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Multicultural Marketing and Sales: Is your message resonating with your entire market?

Today, Asian American, African-American, and Hispanic consumers account for over 38% of the U.S. population and over 75% of household growth in the next five years. Content covers cross-cultural communication, family dynamics, and actionable strategies to reach these growing markets.

Management: Does your leadership reflect your customer base?

We offer a range of topics to increase the diversity of your team and embrace differences. Topics include Empowering women in the workplace, generational differences, recruiting young and diverse talent.

Mission-Driven Marketing: What’s your social impact strategy?

Next Gen consumers expect brands to serve. Topics include cause marketing, nonprofit partnerships and building a mission-driven brand.


What’s included?

We customize each topic to meet your needs and audience. Whether that’s a keynote speech, full day workshop, webinar or breakout session, our team is prepared. All presentations include a Powerpoint, promotional flyer, promotional social media post, and handout (or workbook for workshops).



Kristin Messerli

Kristin Messerli is a nationally renowned speaker on the topic of business growth through social impact. She is the founder of Cultural Outreach and Managing Editor for Mortgage Women Magazine. Kristin has spoken at over 100 conferences, including the Mortgage Bankers Association, the American Bar Association, and Harvard Business School.



Sarah Vita is passionate about bridging the gap between consumers and professionals. She leads creative projects around inclusive design and strategies to connect with today’s young and diverse consumers through events and content. She has spoken at a variety of conferences on topics related to millennial marketing, recruitment and retention, and social media, including the HousingWire Engage marketing conference. She also manages market outreach strategies for lenders across the country and is the assistant editor for Mortgage Women Magazine. 



Taylor is passionate about turning ideas into reality. For over 10 years, she’s worked with entrepreneurs, CEOs and idea people. She coaches leaders on innovation and growth, attracting and retaining talent, operational strategy and community impact. At Cultural Outreach, Taylor oversees company and client strategy. Prior to joining Cultural Outreach, Taylor opened The Pioneer Woman Mercantile, managing retail and online businesses, growing the company from 10 to 200 employees. Dedicated to community building, Taylor holds advisory positions with business and kitchen incubators, innovation grant committees and social venture competitions. In 2017, she was honored as Oklahoma’s 40 under 40. 



Don Maxwell is a renowned business development expert in underserved markets and gregarious speaker on topics related to diversity and inclusion. As an ex-NFL player, Don brings real-world stories to drive home practical action items for the audience to make changes in their businesses. Don worked for Fannie Mae for over 12 years in a number of positions and has consulted with many of the leading financial institutions in the country.


Lauren O’Donohue

Lauren is a recent graduate from UCLA with a passion for marketing and using social media for business growth. Her background is in public relations and social media marketing where she has worked on both the influencer and agency side of the industry. At Cultural Outreach, Lauren oversees social media content, and develops public relations strategy. She is enthusiastic about inviting millennial and diverse audiences to the financial world by engaging with them on platforms where they thrive.