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California Association of Mortgage Professionals Summer Camp - 2 sessions

#1 The Future of Sales with Next Gen Buyers

One in three home purchases today are made by Millennials, and companies are moving quickly to capture a piece of this coveted market share. Lenders that want to remain competitive in the world of Zillow and Rocket Mortgage need to understand the shift in consumer expectations and customer experience with next gen buyers. Kristin Messerli, founder of Cultural Outreach and an expert in reaching young and diverse homebuyers, will provide strategies for lenders to grow their business in a fast-changing environment. She will discuss the shift in consumer expectations, how to build a customer experience that competes with high-tech companies, and communication and social media strategies that resonate with young consumers. 

#2 Increasing sales with women buyers: 

Marketing trends are constantly changing and one trend that remains crucial is catering to women consumers. Women represent such a large cohort, not only as consumers, but as influential figures within their household and social communities. In fact, one in five home purchases are made by single women. Brands have an opportunity to catch the attention of women by creating campaigns with a new voice, one that is not traditionally masculine and appeals to values commonly shared by women. In this presentation, Kristin Messerli walks through ways to better understand and reach women buyers.